Emma Sothern


Yoga Teacher

hoi an

+84 (0) 85 208-4310

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Teaching styles: Hatha, Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga, Easy Flow, Yoga Nidra, Meditation
Group drop-in classes, 1-1 and group private classes

Studio: Nomad Yoga Hoi An, A Luminary Life

about emma

I'm a 200 hour certified Hatha and Vinyasa yoga teacher from Ireland. 

Like many others, I got into yoga for its physical benefits. I did it to increase my flexibility, to get toned and to break a sweat! 

But after a few years, I began to notice the healing, almost magical, effects of a slower, deeper practice. I saw how yoga could stretch the body, sure... but it could also calm the mind and relieve anxiety, even depression. Helping people to be kinder to themselves, and to each other.

As I became interested in the more spiritual side of yoga (and furthered my own meditation practice), I started studying Sivananda, Yin and Restorative styles. And these styles have influenced the classes I teach today. I still encourage students to find their edge in a class – but to always be mindful, to never push themselves too far. Because sometimes our bodies need to move, to be challenged – and other times we need to lie still and do nothing! It's all about balance ;)

My classes include meditation, pranayama (breathwork) and cues to help students fully connect with their body, mind and breath. I hope they'll leave feeling nourished and relaxed. Maybe even lighter and 2 inches taller! 

For me, yoga is medicine – it can heal body, mind and spirit. I see it as a gift. And I'm excited to share this gift with others!