Naomi Rowan


Reiki Master & Teacher, Sound Bowl Master & Healer

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  • Reiki - 1:1 Reiki sessions, Level 1, 2, Master and Teacher Training 

  • Sound Bowl Healing - 1:1 Healing sessions, group meditational sound journeys
    1-1 sessions, groups, retreats

about naomi

“Formally a music teacher and pastoral leader of 12 years, my ‘previous’ life was focused on bringing young people into alignment with themselves, developing confidence, nurturing self-worth and enabling children to find their creative energies, so often quashed by the ‘need to achieve and succeed’.

Having taken a leap of faith and left a stable career to pursue a lifetime passion for mindfulness, meditation and energetic healing modalities I am now a Reiki Master/Teacher, Sound Bowl practitioner and retreat leader, and fortunate to be in a position to combine the tools and experience of the teaching profession with my core beliefs and practices. 

A ‘trauma’ geek (and trauma aware), I have read, digested and assimilated current and historic writings surrounding the concept of the body-mind connection, whether neuroscientific, energetic, physiological or psychological. I believe that modern science is only now beginning to touch the surface of ancient wisdom and through engagement in daily awareness of our thoughts, bodily sensations, intuition, actions and reactions, we are able to retrain our habitual patterns into a life of gratitude, love and compassion towards self and other.

Through my own journey, I have explored various modalities and found many tools along the way that enable individual empowerment. Now practicing at the Gratitude Vietnam Retreat Venue in Hoi An, I seek to serve the community through provision of compassionate, loving and vibrational healing.”

Treatments you can book with Naomi

We are all born with the innate ability to heal and preserve life. Our ancestors used and relied on their abilities and instincts, but many of these basic skills have been forgotten and are rarely used today. The nature of modern-life has conditioned the majority of the world’s population to allow their lives to be governed by intellect and mental focus, at the expense of energetic, somatic and intuitive wisdom. As a practitioner of both Reiki and sound bowl healing I utilise universal vibration through channelling Reiki energy and the healing vibrations of sound to bring balance to body and mind.


Reiki Master and Teacher (IARP accredited)

Reiki is an ancient supportive, form of energetic healing practised by many practitioners around the world. The simple act of touching to comfort or relieve pain is the basis for all forms of touch healing. It is not a cult, a religion, or an organization, but one of the more widely recognised healing systems. 

There is growing awareness of the need for humanity to re-balance and regain equilibrium between ancient and modern technology; head and heart; individuality and oneness. It is therefore vital that we reconnect with our highest, universal selves and our inner beings so that we can resume responsibility for our life and health. 

Reiki is energy or light in motion. It is unconditional love and compassion. It is unlimited and intelligent. It is a powerful healing process, energizing, meditative, dynamic, and a balancing force of spirit, mind, emotion and body. It is the higher self’s connection to the universal energy that breathes life into all living things. The key to Reiki is simplicity: it is natural and it works on physical, mental and emotional levels, restoring the balance of energy. It has a mind of its own and flows naturally to wherever it is needed. 

Sound Bowl Master and Healer (Vibrational Sounds Foundation)

Everything is energy, everything is vibration, and every living cell responds directly to vibration. We are constantly surrounded by sound and whilst some are soothing, balancing and healing, others have a detrimental effect on the body, emotions and cellular structure. Our cells hold memory, whether emotional or physical trauma, or held responses to difficult situations compounded over years.

Our bodies respond powerfully to the energetic vibration of healing sound, and with healing bowls attuned to the subtle energies of the chakras, both individual and group sessions will take you on a multi-level healing journey to raise and balance the flow of energy, chakras and masculine and feminine.