Aryana Sohl


Breath Work Therapist, Meditation Practitioner, Hypno-Therapist

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+1 (512) 300-3289

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Wellness Services: Breath Work Therapy, Breathing Meditation, Hypno-Therapy, Mindfulness Meditation

Studios / Centres: A Luminary Life

about aryana

“My mission is to be a compassionate spiritual guide and to hold a space of deep listening and respect for each individual’s greatness. My intention is that each person I am blessed to work with to step into freedom, happiness, and ease in their breath, body, and life.

Certified in multiple breath-work modalities including Transformational Breathing. I have also completed spiritual apprenticeships with Adyashanti, Don Miguel Ruiz and Vanessa Stone and am a qualified yoga instructor, raw food chef, and educator.

My wellness journey started with being born into a spiritual family and studying Kundalini Yoga with my yogi father, Dr. Siri Gian Singh Khalsa. My training in the art of personal freedom was profoundly impacted by an eight-year apprenticeship with Toltec Shaman Miguel Ruiz.”

Aryana is from USA.