Aryana Sohl


Breathing & Vitality Coach, Yogini

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Wellness Services: Individual Breathwork, Vital Lifestyle Coaching, Online Programs, Wellness Retreats
Online, in-person, 1:1 session and groups

Studios / Centres: A Luminary Life and Online

From: born in West Africa and raised in the US

about aryana

Can you guess what being born into a yogi family, apprenticing with shamans, becoming a breath-worker and teaching hundreds of people around the world breathing and lifestyle practices that allow us to come fully alive has taught me?

It has taught me that the most effective way to realize a healthy, happy planet is if each of us takes full responsibility for giving ourselves the food of self-love.  When we feel nourished, we can perceive the gift of who we are and we become available to offer that gift to the world.

Being able to fully let go and trust is an art. Just as we have practiced contraction and holding on with fear, we can practice allowing and resting into peace. In this world of increasing intensity, many of us are unconsciously clenching our bellies and jaws, holding our breath and ourselves back from our full expression and freedom. Whether through breath coaching sessions, vital lifestyle programs or wellness retreats, my work is focused on the practice of ‘coming home’ to the intrinsic freedom and wisdom within that is always present and available. The tools and teachings I offer are affective, backed by science, and can be practiced daily to allow your nervous system, breath, body and heart to come into greater coherence and harmony on all levels.



As a Breathing Coach, I am certified in multiple breath-work modalities including Transformational Breathing, Rebirthing and Pranayama (yogic breath practices). I have also incorporated the HeartMath Institute Techniques into my practice. A certified yoga instructor since age 17, and ecstatic dance teacher, I've led wellness retreats globally. Enjoying a high-raw vegan diet for decades, I've been blessed to receive training from some of the greatest healers and Naturopathic Medicine Doctors of our time including Dr. Robert Morse and Dr. Gabriel Cousens. I've also taught mindfulness meditation in prisons and have completed spiritual apprenticeships with Adyashanti, Don Miguel Ruiz and Vanessa Stone.