Tara O'Connell

Acupuncture Therapist, Traditional Eastern Medicine Practitioner and Naturopathic Medical Practitioner

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+84 (125) 360-3455

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Wellness Services: Acupuncture, Traditional Eastern Medicine, Facial Diagnosis, Naturopathic Medicines

Studios / Centres: A Luminary Life

about tara

“My mission is to help others discover their true inner value and the infinite possibilities within, whilst addressing physical and/or psycho-emotional disharmonies, breaking the learned behaviors and habits for freedom and happiness.

I am very deeply passionate about natural healing and am a fully Qualified Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner; Licensed Acupuncturist, & Naturopathic Medical Practitioner with a specialization in detoxification, addiction, and facial diagnostics – trained in Ireland, additional studies in China, Vietnam, Switzerland, and more.

I am a Licensed Master NLP practitioner also incorporating hypnosis and timeline therapy, elements of Reiki healing, kinesiology and Vietnamese facial reflexology into her treatments.

I have devoted the past decade to gain a deeper insight into energy healing across world cultures; exploring Traditional Medicine, Natural healing, and cultural diversity in more than 86 countries (at last count)!”

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