Nigel Rowles


Sound Bowl Master

hoi an, Hanoi, ho chi minh city
+84 (077) 963-8628

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Services: Sound Healing / Therapy, Sound Bowl Meditation
1-1 sessions, groups, retreats

about nigel

“I am a professional musician with over 30 years experience teaching music, playing in bands and as a solo performer.

My first sound bowl massage was life changing. I had never felt so deeply relaxed within minutes of lying down. Four weeks later, I was on a plane to Kathmandu to begin my training with Himalayan masters and to explore how sound can be used to balance the body’s frequencies.

In Nepal I spent many hours hand selecting a set of eight tuned bowls and perfecting my personalised method of playing the bowls. As a trained musician I prefer chord structures, rather than matching the bowls to the body’s chakras. By using tuned bowls to create chords, I can generate a larger number of harmonies which bring about inner balance and help relief stress.”

Nigel is from Australia.


Sound Bowl Balancing Sessions

Individual sound bowl balancing sessions last between 45 – 60 minutes. The sound bowls are placed on and around your clothed body for a true surround sound effect. They are gently struck with a mallet or a bowl stick to produce resonating and restorative sound waves. This will align your many out of tune frequencies into a few balanced and harmonic frequencies leaving you deeply relaxed. You will feel in tune with yourself.

Many of my clients comment that a sound bowl massage feels like a deep tissue massage, or a massage at the cellular level. Many are surprised how quickly they are able to reach a very deep state of relaxation. As with any form of massage or relaxation practice, a one-off session can be deeply nourishing, repeat sessions will have a better long term effect.

Group Sound Bowl Sessions

You’ll lie in a circle or arc around the bowls your head towards the bowls.
Chord structures are played with harmonic modulation between the chords.
You’ll experience a a true ‘sound bath’ where harmonies vibrate around and through you.

It is a time to meditate and absorb the balancing frequencies produced from the bowls. Your cares and worries will fall away and you will feel energized, empowered and in tune with yourself.