Karissa Wessel


Mindset Coach, Neuro Linguistic (NLP) Coach Practitioner, Certified Healthy Eating & Nutrition Coach

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Wellness Services: Counselling / Therapy, Hypno-Therapy, Life Coaching, Clearing beliefs, Negative Emotions, Past Event, Anxieties, Discover Life's Purpose, Goal Setting

Studios / Centres: On-line or in person in Da Nang


about karissa

“I am a brain coach and NLP practitioner residing in Da Nang, Vietnam.

I teach the science of how your brain works and how to rewire it to create the life you want. How to create a habit in ways that work with your brain and is easy to apply to your life. I have overcome anxiety/depression/procrastination/fears and changed my own habits in many areas.

My coaching specialties include:

  • Helping you overcome your fears and limiting beliefs.

  • Clear away emotional baggage from your past.

  • Discover your truth.

  • Align your thoughts, actions and beliefs to create the life you want to live.

With experience as a General Manager in a gym and the overcoming of my own personal struggles, fears, insecurities and bad habits, I helped hundreds of people uncover the real reason why the could not get consistent and help them make the changes and micro habits that are easy and fit in with their life.

I have written a book on anxiety and depression called “Follow your Fear” and share tools and experiences through my on-line video podcasts.”

Karissa is from Calgary, Canada.

qualifications & trainings

  • Neuro Linguistic Practitioner in Matrix therapies (Canada, 2018)

  • Healthy Eating and Weight Loss Certification (2017)

  • Certified Crucial Accountability Conversations and Coaching (2017)